Wednesday, May 06 2009

Advandtel Minerals (Canada) Ltd. (AMCL) is pleased to report that the 2009 exploration project has been approved by management and work on the property is expected to comment in early June, subject to access and weather conditions.

Friday, April 10 2009

The company is presently developing under an option from Energold Drilling, an 8,000 acre, gold and copper prospect in the Dominican Republic; known as the "Majagual" Concession". Advandtel owns 75% of the option in conjunction with a Canadian mineral exploration company owning the other 25% of the option.


About Us

Advandtel Dominicana S.A. (ADSA) is a diversified holding company headquartered in the City of Santiago in the Dominion Republic ("D/R") with interests in consulting, telecommunications, real estate, and mining in the D/R, Canada and the United States. As a holding company Advandtel Dominicana's investment and operational philosophy is predicated on identifying undervalued assets and increasing their value by:

  • Taking a proactive role in management;
  • Securing funds from off-shore investors to lower the cost of capital;
  • Developing and executing new marketing strategies to build revenue; and
  • Utilizing advanced information technology to minimize operational and administrative expenses.